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Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz Delivers the Spanish Language Republican Address to the Nation

WASHINGTON, March 7, 2024 | Ryan Saylor (771-200-0819)

Click here to watch the Spanish Language Republican address

Full remarks:

Good evening, I am Mónica De La Cruz, and it is an honor to represent Texas's 15th District in the House.

I was raised by a single mom and I’m the granddaughter of a Mexican farmworker.

Through hard work and thanks to God, I was able to start a small business while raising my children alone.

I have lived the American dream.

But tonight, I heard from a president who does not understand our needs.

President Biden tried to say everything is perfect, but we know that's not true.

As parents, we want the best for our children, but under Biden, everything is harder.

You don't have to look any further than the border to see the disaster that Biden has caused.

At the beginning of his term, he stopped enforcing our laws.

And now, the cartels and many criminals freely enter our country.

As a mother of two, it pains me to see how drugs entering through the border have killed thousands of young people.

The president says his policies are humane, but what is humane about allowing someone to kill our people?

Recently, a young woman named Laken Riley was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant whom this administration allowed in.

Republicans want to stop this, but the president does not cooperate.

And it's not just the border—President Biden is also harming our economy.

Under his administration, inflation reached its highest point in four decades, and credit cards are maxed out.

Everything is so expensive—from food and gasoline to childcare and mortgages.

Under the previous government, Hispanics led the country in new small businesses.

Now, the dream of being your own boss seems out of reach.

Biden's tall tales will not pay our bills.

And as you care for your family, violence is rising.

Biden has supported weak prosecutors and even movements that want to defund the police.

Hispanics come to this country seeking security and freedom, and we are concerned that Biden is so weak with our enemies.

We see how Putin threatens Europe while Iran's partners kill our troops, and communist China spies on us and steals from us.

And we know that Russia, China, and Iran support the socialist governments of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

We deserve a strong leader. And Biden does not have the strength.

Just ask yourself:

  • Are you better off than three years ago?
  • Is the American dream more alive today?
  • How is your wallet?
  • Is our country stronger?

We have to make a decision about our direction.

These three years have been difficult, but I still have hope.

Republicans support working families who care about their children's education.

We want safe communities, a strong economy, and secure borders.

We protect Social Security and Medicare for our grandparents.

And I have a special message for all the working mothers and grandmothers who help their families...

I know it's not easy, because I've done it too. But we are strong, and with your support, our country can be strong again.

America is the greatest beacon of freedom. Here, everything is possible.

Many of our families came with nothing. But, like my grandfather, they worked under the sun to give their children a better future.

Our country can be great again if we return to our values, like opportunity and faith.

May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Thank you.