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Congresswoman De La Cruz on Biden Executive Order: Too Little Too Late

Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz (TX-15), who represents a congressional district along the border with Mexico, issued the following statement in response to President Biden's executive order addressing the border crisis:

"President Biden's plan to deal with the surge in illegal immigration is too little too late. The Biden Administration undid President Trump's successful border policies on the first day of its administration and has left the border wide open. We have seen MILLIONS of illegal immigrants not only cross the border but released into the United States by a Biden Administration that appears to care more about helping illegal immigrants than upholding law and order in American communities. The House passed the Secure the Border Act, which would have codified what we knew to work, including the resumption of the Remain in Mexico policy. Mr. President, demand the Senate pass the Secure the Border Act NOW."

Two local mayors attended the signing of the executive order: Edinburg Mayor Ramiro Garza, whose city is in the 15th Congressional District of Texas, and Brownsville Mayor John Cowen.